Best wooden clothes horse
Traditional wooden clothes horse

The Wooden Clothes Horse is one of the oldest solutions for clothes drying and its getting trendy again just like it used to be. The wooden clothes horse offers an easy and flexible solution for drying clothes and textiles. It’s more old fashioned because it’s made of wood but for this reason it’s more popular than the plastic ones as it also looks better.

There are many advantages to using a wooden clothes horse for airing and / or drying clothes. The most obvious is that they save space, time and money. You can fold them and put them away when not in use. Even in bad weather, it is still possible to air and dry your clothes using wooden clothes horse thus making them convenient. Perhaps the most important benefit of using a wooden clothes horse is that apart from the cost of buying one (which is reasonable), there are no other extra cost involved in using them to dry your clothes. No extra electricity or gas bill to pay and no maintenance costs either.

Now where can you buy a wooden clothes horse? There are shops on the high street that sell them such as Robert Dyas and Argos. Even some Tesco Superstores will sell them. However, if you need to get a good deal and save some cash, it is better to go online. Amazon and Ebay are very good online stores when looking for where to buy a wooden clothes horse. Both of these online giants have great deals going at any time. To help people who are looking for best prices and best value items, we have prepared the following best wooden clothes horse reviews and guides. In addition, we have individual pages for specific categories where there are wooden clothes horse reviews from people who have bought specific products and used them. Make sure to check them out for some helpful and honest reviews.

Our three choices for the best wooden clothes horse are as follows:

Traditional Folding Wooden Clothes Horse.

You are going to find that this nicely designed product and the light beech wood finish is a lot better than you imagined. Many people believe that it is overpriced for what it is. There are less expensive wooden clothes horses that look exactly the same as this one but compare to the cheap ones this product is very strong and long lasting. It isn’t varnished- which is a shame, so you might need to do something to stop the wood from breaking.

Traditional Clothes Horse clothes Airer 3 Panel

Very good but smaller than I imagined. Strong and its probably long lasting. The hanging space is more than enough and its also more stable than the metal ones which normally would also be more expensive. It also looks nice, sturdy and it doesn’t use up so much room. It is a good product to buy as it is a space saving and handy product.

Traditional Wooden Clothes Horse / Airer 2 Panel

In case you just need something for indoor drying this item is highly recommended as it can be easily folded and stored. This product is well designed as it is just the perfect height, it isn’t heavy consequently easily moveable. Compared with other similar products you won’t get your finger caught when you fold it. Once it’s closed it doesn’t take up much room at all. In general it is a good buy. Although the disadvantage of this wooden clothes horse is that you can only hang small items on it such as T-shirts, blouses, socks, etc. but not sheets, towels or anything heavy. It is a recommended product but don’t use it for heavy stuff.


Those are the top 3 picks for our best wooden clothes horse review. They are the top three in their categories. The final choice of which to buy will depend on an individual’s preference as to price, space saving requirements and appearance. Of course, there are other varieties to choose from and Amazon has a wide variety with detailed user reviews on the Amazon website. Click here to go to Amazon!