5 Advantages of a wooden clothes horse

Now that winter is fast approaching it is a sad fact that drying our clothes will become a bit more difficult, as we will no longer be able to hang them outside to dry. One way in which we can dry our clothes is to use the humble wooden clothes horse. There are many advantages of a wooden clothes horse and the top 5 reasons will be discussed below.

Eco friendly

The wooden clothes horse or airer is incredibly eco friendly, as all you need to buy is the airer. No electricity or power is needed. You simply hang your clothes and allow the natural warmth within your home to dry them. The simple wooden clothes horse really is one of the best ways in which to dry your clothes. Because it is made of wood, no unsightly marks will appear on your clothes. It is also a well know fact, that because the clothes will not be heated to a high temperature and flung around inside a hot inside machine, that they will last you a lot longer. This is because here is little risk of them becoming torn, damaged and the material slowly becoming thinner due to high temperatures.

Wooden clothes horse is a cheap method

The wooden clothes horse will not cost you very much at all, in fact there are many cheep wooden clothes horses on the market. In fact, when it comes to the cheapest wooden clothes horse that is on the market, you will be spoilt for choice. They usually range anywhere from $20 up to $100. When you factor in how much it would cost to buy a tumble dryer and the electricity spent to dry your clothes, you can understand why more and more pekoe are choosing to dry their clothes the natural way. Once you have made the initial payment, there is nothing else to spend. Usually the wooden clothes horse will also last you a lot longer than any electrical device. It really is the best drying option out there.

Wooden clothes horse helps to save on bills

The reason that you will save money on your utility bills is surely one of the very best reasons why you should buy a wooden clothes horse. Tumble dryers are expensive to run, with an average drying cycle taking anywhere up to two hours. This costs a lot of money. You also have to factor In the cost of maintenance and repairs to tumble dryers. None of this is needed for the wooden clothes airer and should make it a top drying choice.

Large drying space

Many of the top wooden clothes airers have around 6 meters of drying space available to them, so you can dry a lot of washing. If you have a large family, then larger wooden clothes airers can be bought or additionally you could buy two. They do hold a lot of washing and your washing will dry quickly in a warm room.

A wooden clothes horse can dry anywhere

This reason should be the top of everybody’s list. The wooden clothes horse is incredibly versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home that has emugh space and is warm. There is no need for cables or an electricity supply, simplicity is what they are all about.

So as the colder weather slowly approaches, do consider the many benefits that the humble wooden clothes horse has to offer. Our grandparents before us managed to dry their washing in this manner, and so can we.