Not many people know the answer to this question, and would probably think of a wooden horse made for storing clothes. Well, this is a movable and foldable utility, made of wood, from which you can hang clothes to dry after washing them. If you live in an apartment, where you cannot have a clothes line, then this is a wonderful asset to have in the house. Once you have washed your clothes and run them through the dryer, you can hang them on the best wooden clothes horse till they are dry.

The top wooden clothes horse designs are vast and varied. You can get one which is quite short and another that is as tall as a man. The folding designs also vary, with some folding in a vertical manner and others folding like a pamphlet or brochure. When deciding on which design to choose, you should consider just how much washing you do at a go, and find one that will fit all of them.

The wooden clothes horse is also called the wooden clothes airer. This is because it airs out the clothes to dry through evaporation. The airer is similar to a clothes line, only that it is one that you can easily set up when you need to dry the clothes, and taken down once the clothes are dry. Due to their easy unfolding action, they can be conveniently stored and brought out only when they are needed. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Getting the best wooden clothes horse does not mean suing a lot of money, you can get the cheapest wooden clothes horse from many stores. You can order online, go to the store, or order through a catalogue. You will find modern designs and others that have a vintage air. These items were very popular in vintage times, and most people opt to have those that look quite old in style.

Although most of them are made of wood, you can get some in plastic or metal materials. Those made of wood are the most popular because they give the clothes a natural smell thereafter. They are easy to clean and do not get ruined easily. The plastic ones are also popular; most people do not opt for the metal ones because they may rust and stain the clothes; it is very difficult to get rust stains from any type of fabric.

Although many people look for a wooden clothes horse through the easily available channels, there are those who would love one that has a little bit of history. Car boot sales, yard sales, and other personal sales channels are a great place to look for a vintage and used wooden clothes horse. You may find an elderly couple who would want to despise of their, and they will give you a fantastic story about the horse which would make you value it more. Now when you see these items in your neighborhood or shops, you will not have to ask what a wooden clothes horse is.